Ezequiel Ramon

Ezequiel Ramon

  • ezeramon@gmail.com
  • Autonomous University from Barcelona (UAB)
  • Media, Communication and Culture
Participant in 2014
Work history In 2009 I did a practice in Sport.es at the Internet-on line area. After finishing it I remained working in the newspaper for several months. Later on, I decided to come back to the academic world.
Study history -A Bachelor degree in T.E.A. (Taller Estudio Agencia) in Rosario, Argentina (1996-1999).
-A Licenciate degree in Journalism in Information Sciences at the Faculty of Communication Sciences at Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) (2005-2010).
-A a Master degree in Media, Communication and Culture at the Faculty of Communication Sciences at UAB (2012-2013).

Phd Projects


Socials networks and new socials movements

My PhD research is focused on the study of the Internet communication and concentrates on the social networks which reflect a new social movement called Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca (PAH) (Platform of Injured by Mortgage) as a political vehical conveying citizens´ requests. The consolidation of Internet as a mass medium, its ubiquity and power of the mass self-communication coincides with the communicative demands of this type of citizen initiatives.
The use of social networks could be helpful when solving the conflicting relationship and dependency of the press and the new social movements, in which the latter are gaining certain independence when it comes to the creation of their image as well as their ability to convey their version of events and messages to their followers, independently of the mainstream. Internet is also becoming important with regard to internal communication, already present in the social movements of the 90s which successfully coordinated their actions and displacements thanks to the use of the Internet.
The objective of my PhD thesis is to analyze characteristics of the dialogue between PAH and citizens in social networks, more specifically on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, in a separate way, highlighting the fact that every single social network works differently and that the very users´ behavior is conditioned by a given point of time and that the content shared differs considerably from platform to platform. Another aim of mine is to take into account also the corporate website as a platform for information and resources for activists.
Another aim is to observe the organisation of PAH, its functioning, modus operandi, its targets, resemblances and differences with new social movements, having in consideration a horizontal structure which encourages participation and transparency.
The use of APIs (Application Programming Interface) for the three above-mentioned social networks has been proposed in order to collect and handle a large volume of information and data, and also to reconstruct the image of PAH expressed by the Internet users.

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