Age Rosenberg

Age Rosenberg

Participant in 2016
Work history 2002-2004 Tartu Vocational Education Centre, information counsellor
2004-present Ministry of Education and Research, head expert of internal communication
2011-present University of Tartu, assistant of practical communication
Study history 1998-2002 BA in public relations
2002-2006 MA in media and communication
2010-present PhD studies in media and communication
Publications None in academic journals yet.

Phd Projects


Practice-based approach to structural change. The case of a state organisation.

New organizational working structure means different kinds of changes for an organization and its employees. It may mean new job descriptions, laying off people, getting new co-workers or managers or even new office space. Every organization has its own ways of accomplishing the goals set for a change of that kind. To understand how these goals are reached and the change implemented it is necessary to study what and how has been done and what is the reasoning behind these ways of doing. In current thesis the object of study is a structural change that took place in a state organization in Estonia. What, how and why questions are answered using theory of social practices (see Schatzki 1996, 2005). The goal of the thesis is to understand the process of a structural change, the key mechanisms impeding it and the role of communication in change practices. Practice approach gives a new perspective to studying organizational change and can contribute to developing an instrument for practitioners that can help analyse changes implemented in the context of state organizations to find the ways that support the successful change as well as uncover the weaknesses that may obstruct it.

1. Schatzki, T.R. (1996) Social Practices. A Wittgensteinian Approach to Human Activity and the Social. Cambridge University Press: New York.
2. Schatzki, T. R. (2005) ’Peripheral Vision: The Sites of Organizations’, Organization Studies, 26: 465–484.

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