Novella Troianiello

Novella Troianiello

Participant in 2016
Work history December 2014 - today:
December 2015 - Today Tutor, Department of Language Sciences, Society, Politics and Education, University of Salerno
- Exams Assistant (Sociology of cultural processes, Sociology of Experimental Audiovisuals)
- Thesis correlathor

A.Y. 2014/2015 Member of the Organization Staff for the international conference: "Over many a quaint and curious volume of (not) forgotten lore. Edgar Allan Poe across disciplines, genres and languages". University of Salerno, November 25-26-27, 2015.

Member of the Organization Staff for the event “OPEN CLASS” 3rd edition at University of Salerno - Author Meetings on Video Performance, Electronic Music, Cinema, Poetry and Viral Communication.

Member of the Organization Staff for the event “NOTTE PASOLINI” 2nd edition at University of Salerno – Videos, Performances, Photography, Music and Academic Conferences on the author Pier Paolo Pasolini.

January 2015 - January 2016: Editorial Board and Writer at “TAGS”, three-month magazine about Salerno area, its arts and geniality, AreaBlu Edizioni.

January/April 2014 Production and Video Editing, at TixPoint™, MALTA
Organization, realization and editing of Videoguides for four Maltese tourist sites (Saluting Battery, Malta at War Museum, Lascaris War Rooms, Fort Rinella).

February 2010/Present: Videomaker Director and Editor of Supercut, Ad Spot e Music Videos, ITALY
Ad video "A Real Hero" for the World Bank competition Connect4Climate.
"The Long Summer of 1965", supercut made for Soapbox & Praeses Productions, with home videos made by Roddy McDowall shooted in the summer of 1965.
In 2012 founding of the filmmaking collective Les Incompetents, and realization of the project Handmade Musicians, which has the purpose to shown, through live video performances, the connection between the independent bands and the place in which they work. The project have reached more than 18.000 visualizations on YouTube.

November 2011/April 2013 Event Organization Staff, at Mediateca Marte Eventi, Cava de' Tirreni, ITALY
Centro Studi Start – Writing of articles and reviews on the events organized in the project Start - Cartografie del Presente, a summit on creativity and its economic and cultural development.

July 2011 Jury at the Academy del Corto, Capalbio International Short Film Festival, Rome, ITALY
Study history 1 December 2014 – today:
PhD student in Communication Sciences – department of Political, Social and Media Sciences, University of Salerno.
Research Project Online Revolution: Netflix and global original production
A compared analysis of strategies adopted by Netflix in television production across UK and Italy

November 26, 2013: Master Degree in Audiovisual Communication - at University of Salerno. Final grade: 110/110 with honors. Thesis in Sociology of Experimental Audiovisuals: “History of Independence: between the Sundance Film Festival and the Indiewood Empire” – Economic impact and sociocultural implications of the Sundance Film Festival

November 29, 2011: Bachelor Degree in Communication Sciences - Specializing in Audiovisual Communication and Media Theory - at University of Salerno. Final grade: 103/110. Thesis in Cinema History: “Catherine et Jules et Jim – The centrality of the woman in François Truffaut’s work”
Publications Book Chapter:

July 2016
N. Troianiello, Indiewood and beyond: le nuove frontiere del cinema indipendente americano, in the volume L’illuminazione disseminata. Introduzione alla sociologia degli audiovisivi sperimentali, edited by prof. Alfonso Amendola, Edizioni AreaBlu, Cava de’ Tirreni, forthcoming.

November 2015
N. Troianiello, Internet, Where All Happens, in the volume Vent’anni di futuro. Storia di Linea d’Ombra Festival Culture Giovani, edited by prof. Alfonso Amendola e Peppe D’Antonio, Anima di Gomma Edizioni, Salerno. ISBN: 9788898524044

June 2015
N. Troianiello, The Walking Dead: the dystopia in the new millennium, in Endo Apocalisse. The Walking dead. L'immaginario digitale, il post-umano, edited by prof. Luigi Frezza, AreaBlu Edizioni, Collana The Searchers, Cava de’ Tirreni. ISBN: 9788898660285


November 2015
N. Troianiello, The Fashion Atlas, ovvero mappare la moda, in TAGS magazine, number 11, November 2015, AreaBlu Edizioni. ISSN 2281-3187

July 2015
N. Troianiello, C. Rossetti, Resistenze d’Artista, in TAGS magazine, number 10, July 2015, AreaBlu Edizioni. ISSN 2281 3187 50010

Phd Projects


Online Revolution: Netflix TV, among new production and Big Data An Analysis of Strategies adopted by Netflix in the Television Production

Over the last few years, thanks to technological advancement, television industry has deeply change. The rise of streaming services and online television has brought to a much wider range of choices, which let the consumer be the only actor in programing control. This technological and cultural shift has brought us to the era of convergence (Jenkins, 2007) and it is changing the way of production, circulation and reception of every medium (Pearson, Smith, 2015).
Aware of these changes, this research aims at understanding how Netflix, is remediating the economics models of TV industry in transnational television in two countries: UK and Italy.
Netflix is a global provider of streaming movies and TV series, has over 75 million subscribers and in the last years has gained more and more attention. From its streaming media to its all-you-can-watch model, Netflix pioneered online digital delivery of content, enabling users to watch movies anytime, anywhere and on any device they could connect to the Internet (Walker, 2015).
Analysing the production background of each country (UK and Italy), their programming strategies and between which broadcasters there is the real competition, this research will intend to explain how Netflix and its process of building a global television, is adapting to domestic markets.
Carrying out a qualitative analysis, with individual interviews with television executives, industrial reports and analysis, media press publication, and academic literature, the research discusses the type of disruptive revolution at hand, the dimensions of industry convergence and the expected implications of these changes on the industry structure.


Dissertation title Online Television: Netflix and global original production A compared analysis of strategies adopted by Netflix in television production across UK and Italy

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