Dan Wang

Dan Wang

Participant in 2016
Work history 1. Research Assistant to Professor Colin Sparks March 1 2015 --present
 Global Media System Comparison studies
 Media Convergence in China
2. Research Assistant to Dr Du Ying July 1 2015—Sept 1 2015
 Comparison studies: media coverage on terrorism events
3. Research Assistant to Dr Cherian George Sept 1 --- Dec 2015
 Journalism and Press Freedom: censorship and self-censorship
4. Teaching Assistant to Dr Cherian George Sept 1 --- Dec 2015
 Covered one lecture on Measuring Media Freedom to MA students at HKBU
5. Teaching Assistant to Mr To Yiu Ming Jan – present
 Cover a 3 hours tutorial on journalism ethics for a class of 60 students each week
6. Assistant Research Fellow to the Dean of Arts and Education April 2013 – July 2014
University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China
 assisted the Faculty of Arts and Education on an international workshop on contemporary China study
 assisted the dean on the research of Hong Kong Ningboness benefactors
 assisted the dean on the research of museums display and tableaux, building museums database according to the history timeline for 16 cities’ museums along the Yangtze River Delta
 translate relevant literature
 arrange workshops for visiting professors in school of Arts and Education
7. Part-time Editor to Ningbo Focus March 2014---July 2014
 Overseeing the monthly production of Ningbo Focus magazine and all related tasks
8. IELTS Test Day Personnel March 2013- present
British Council, Chongqing Office, Shanghai Office and Guangzhou China
9. Journalist April 2012- June 2012
Internship, Xiaomei Interview Special Column, Guizhou Daily (and net), Guiyang, China
 wrote commentary about culture events/conferences in Guizhou province for Xiaomei Interview (my writings can be found at the publications section or upon request)
 assisted the arrangement of the monthly academic meeting for provincial anthropology academy of Guizhou (Xiaomei Interview is a member of the academy)
 assisted and translated for the Citibank Guizhou Handicraft Preservation projects
 Still contribute commentary to the column and its related Citibank projects
Study history 1. Ph.D Student in Media and Communication Studies Sept 2014—Present
Hong Kong Baptist University
Thesis Title: Everyday Practice and Moment of Alienation of Journalists in Post-socialist China

2. Master of Arts in International Journalism November 2011
University of Leeds, UK
Dissertation Title: “The Trouble-Avoidance Strategies of Chinese Journalists”

3.Bachelor of Arts in English Literature July 2010
Guizhou University, China
Thesis Title: “On the Disscussion of Chinglish and Chinese English“
Publications  Liboriussen, B., White, A., and Wang, D. (2015). The Ban on Gaming Console in China: Protecting National Culture, Morals and Industry within an International Regulatory Framework. Conway & deWinter eds. Video Game Policy. Routledge.

Lei Huang and Dan Wang. 2016. What a Surprise: Initial Connection with Coworkers on Facebook and Expectancy Violations. In Proceedings of the 19th ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing Companion (CSCW '16 Companion). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 293-296. DOI=http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2818052.2869081

 Wang, D. (2013). 《后社会主义中国文化:一个独具特色转型时代的文化》(“Post-socialist Chinese Culture in a Transformation Age”), in Huazhang Journal (华章) , ISSN1009- 5489

Commentary Entries:
 2013, Blog of Contemporary China Studies, University of Nottingham, “The Chinese Dream Controversy”, see : http://gus.nottingham.edu.cn/blogs/unncsccs/2013/09/18/the-chinese-dream-controversy/

 2015, Blog of Contemporary China Studies, University of Nottingham, “Watching ‘Under the Dome’ from a Chinese Communication Perspective”, see: https://blogs.nottingham.ac.uk/chinesestudies/2015/03/05/watching-under-the-dome-from-a-chinese-communication-perspective/

 2016, Handbook of International Federation of Journalists, The Myth of the Dying Print Media in China. retrieved: http://www.ifj.org/regions/asia-pacific/press-freedom-in-china/chinas-great-media-wall-the-fight-for-freedom/

Phd Projects


Role Negotiation in the Everyday Life of Journalists in Post-socialist China: An Ethnographic Study in XX Press Group

The aim of this research is to study contestations and reconciliations between Chinese journalists’ perceived professional values and dominant ideologies. Alienation will be used as a lens in terms of understanding their lived conditions and practices. It recognizes that journalists in China operate within a particular set of cultural, social, economic and above all political circumstances that privilege nation-building, stability, order, anti-corruption and the continuation of government by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over concerns about professional obligations, responsibilities and even rights. It would be difficult for journalists, who hold dissenting views from above political ideologies, to confirm their prescribed self-value through working. They are often aliened while disguising their agencies by creating an illusion of conformity. Alienation, for Lefebvre, is a loss of control over essential human ability and power that embedded in daily experiences. The research will adopt Lefebvre and de Certeau’s everyday practice theories by gripping the aware moment of being alienated by journalists and connect the moment with the space and time in which the awareness was realized. As justified by Lefebvre that the analysis of alienation could not only uncover the political and ideological myth inside a society but also act as a key concept in the understanding of human situation; and time and space reflect the sensory apprehension and subconscious perception of the reality by its users.

This study will offer a timely updated map of media environment in Xi Jinping era. In the past three years since the start of Xi Jinping’s presidency, as well as with deepening internet penetration and media digitalization, the media environment has gone through drastic changes from model of Party-market corporatism toward a more complex situation. The existing literature on Chinese journalists has paid overwhelming focus on the political dynamics given the nature of the state-media relation of the country. Few endeavor has been made on the understanding the detail of journalists’ everyday life. Lefebvre emphasized the importance of studying the trivial everyday life by stressing that the ordinary of everyday lives is possessed by the implementation of our perceived meaning of the reality and the power relations. The existing literature on the field journalism studies has been generally overlooking the issue of time and space (material and mental). This study will contribute how Chinese press journalists negotiate with political circumstances in everyday through time and space.

Through participant observation and in-depth interviews, this research deems to solve the following research question:

RQ: how do journalists negotiate professional standards of journalism with the dominant ideological controls in post-socialist China?

Five sub-research questions are proposed to help better answer the RQ:
1. What are journalistic norms and routines in China, and how do they shape journalists’ practice?
2. What journalistic values do journalists hold?
3. How far can journalists’ value be independent and distanced from the journalistic norm in the newsroom?
4. When and where do journalists realize that they are alienated?
5. How do the symbolic meanings and organizations of time and space manifest journalistic role negotiation?

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