Christiana Voniati

Christiana Voniati

Participant in 2016
Work history 2010-2012
Journalist (Department of Politics)
Kathimerini weekly Newspaper – SPP Media

(August) 2009
The Press Association (London)

Head of International News Department
Politis Newspaper - Arktinos Publications
[My work has been (re-)published by «The Independent», «Al-Jazeera Magazine», «Tehran Times», «Information Clearing House», «Countercurrents», «Eleftherotypia» and Noam Chomsky’s official website. My work includes interviews with Desmond Tutu, Noam Chomsky, Judith Butler [unpublished], Bill Ayers, Cecilie Surasky, Shlomo Avineri, ex-Guantanamo Detainees].

Professional Research:
«The Role of Religion in Majority and Minority Groups in Cyprus»
The Project was undertaken by the University of Cyprus. I was responsible for supervising and coordinating a team of seven researchers, in addition to my own research activities.

«INVP: Investing in People – Good practices by banks and credit institutions that support economic integration of migrants and refugees»
The Project was funded by the European Council and undertaken by the NGO «Συμφιλίωση» [reconciliation]. My work (research and interviews) was supervised by Corina Demetriou.

«Cyprus’ Annual Report to the UNHCR»
The Report was undertaken by the Labour Institute of Cyprus. My work (research, interviews, focus groups) was supervised by Dr. Nikos Trimikliniotis.

«Cyprus Bi-Communal Oral History»
The Project was undertaken by IKME (Institute of Social Studies) and my work (research and interviews) was supervised by Alecos Tringides.
Study history 2014-present
Doctoral candidate in Communications and Media
Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Brussels

Doctoral student in Political Science
University of Cyprus - Nicosia

July-Sept 2009
Diploma in Advanced Course in Journalism
Thomson Foundation - London

MA in Critical Theory & Cultural Studies
University of Nottingham – Nottingham

BA in Political Science
University of Cyprus – Nicosia

Phd Projects


Community Media as Sites of Agonistic Constructions of Victimhood, and their Contribution to Conflict Transformation

Despite the growing attention that community media have recently been receiving, little has been said about their role in conflict transformation. The aim of this project is precisely to address this gap. Focusing on the divided island of Cyprus, the main research question of this study is what representations of victimhood Cypriot community media generate and how these media organizations contribute to a shift from antagonism to agonism, facilitating thus a non-violent transformation of the conflict. The theoretical backbone will be provided by the agonistic democratic model, developed by Chantal Mouffe (2005) according to whom, the transformation of conflict and the shift from antagonism to agonism requires the overcoming of the friend-enemy dichotomy, the acknowledgement of the humanity of the other and the development of democratic channels through which contest and difference between adversaries –rather than enemies- can be expressed.

Methodologically, the research expands into three stages. The first involves a mapping of these below-the-radar organizations in Cyprus. Then, six of the identified organizations are selected as case studies and their victimhood-related material is analyzed. Finally, twelve focus groups are organized with members of the general public and stakeholders, in order to have an audience reception analysis of the selected victimhood-related content.

• Mouffe, C. (2005) On the political. Abingdon – New York: Routledge.


Dissertation title Community Media as Sites of Agonistic Constructions of Victimhood, and their Contribution to Conflict Transformation
Year of defence 2018

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