Maryam Vaziri

Maryam Vaziri

Participant in 2011, 2013, 2015
Work history Two years as an expert on a headquarter office, Post Company, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Tehran, Iran
Few years as a reporter and journalist in Iran Nurses Association, Tehran, Iran
Study history Four years BA in Social Communication Science, Islamic Azad University, Tehran Central Branch, Iran
Two Years MA in Mass Communication and Journalism, University of Mysore, Karnataka, India
One month Internship in Post TV production, Dept of EMMRC, University of Mysore, India
MA project was on Media Habits of Iranian Student in Mysore City
One Semester on Research Methodology as Ph.D Coursework
Second Year of Ph.D in political Communication on Social Media
Writing in Iranian and Indian Newspapers
Publications Some articles published in some journals related to different institutions of Communication in India. Subjects are Media literacy, E-learning, Smartphones, Media Habit, and Political Communication.

Phd Projects


An Analytical Study of Social Media Usage Pattern by International Political Leaders

This study will argue about the Political Communication Using Social Media. This is a comparative analysis between the ten most active politicians on the three most popular social media in the world.
In the age of digital world, popular social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are assumed to have the potential for increasing political participation. Politicians use Social media for the purpose of entering into direct dialogs with citizens and encouraging more political discussions.
Social Network is going to reshape individual, social and public relationships; it is an opportunity for people to express their ideas about different matters. In the most recent statistics; 1.59 billion of people are members of Facebook that at least log-in once monthly (Techcrunch website, December 31, 2015).
Twitter also as one of the biggest social network, has more than 500 million users which out of more than 332 million are the active members (Benzinga website, January 2016). Instagram, the another popular social network service has 400 million monthly active users according to Expandedramblings website, September 2015. This amount of users can give a clear perspective of public opinion.
Ross and el. (2011) have conducted that Microblogging is a variant of blogging which allows users to quickly post short updates, providing an innovative communication method that can be seen as a hybrid of blogging, instant messaging, social networking and status notifications.
As media can change the society, bring new ideas, and make people more united on social issues, studying about the social media as new form of media, its popularity among public and political leaders, and analysis the relationship between different politicians can be useful for practicing the “global village” term (Marshal McLuhan 1964).
The main objective of this study will be examination of Political Communication on Social Media. The study will be a systematic analysis and method of the study is Qualitative method. For this purpose content analysis will take to consideration and data collection will be based on Observation.


Dissertation title Media Habit of Iranian Students in Mysore City
Year of defence 2013

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