Minna Vigren

Minna Vigren

  • University of Tampere
  • School of Communication, Media and Theatre
Participant in 2013

Phd Projects


Production of Agencies in Technosociety: a Narrative Perspective

My dissertation Production of Agencies in Technosociety: a Narrative Perspective discusses the constraints and possibilities of agency, the discursive production of agency in different spheres and the ways of learning agencies in the digital network society. My critical investigation concerns phenomena related to the so-called Web 2.0 and, more broadly, the technological environment that surrounds us. I am interested in how digitisation of communication and media technology as well as sociocultural meanings of mobile devices are understood and interpreted in different levels of society. My dissertation includes four case studies which all take a different perspective on my research problem, but are, nevertheless, closely interlinked through the methodology of narrative analysis and an extensive theoretical introduction. My theoretical framework is built on critical technology research, cultural media studies and theories of media education (especially critical pedagogy) and supplemented with discussions on the topic from the fields of geography and law. The four case studies are independent research projects. An article is written on each case study. Shortly on the case studies: Case 1: The production of ideal actors in Digital Agenda for Europe: a narrative perspective The first case study discusses what kind of a narrative on technological future is told in the European Union Digital Agenda (2010), what kinds of roles are offered to citizens and which skills are emphasized as being important for them in the future and last, how is the narrative naturalized and made attractive. Case 2: Training user-consumers: a narrative analysis of news on Apple Inc. The second case study is interested in how consumer electronics corporations talk to their users and sell the idea of continuously changing products. It is still open whether the research concentrates on PR material of Apple itself or on news coverage on Apple. The data will be collected during spring–summer 2013. Case 3: Facebook as a space for users and non-users This case study will take a look at how users and non-users talk about the structures and architecture of Facebook as enabling and constraining agency. Group discussions are held in winter 2013 and the article on this case study should be ready by the end of summer 2013. Case 4: Rebelling against the technosociety. Examples of critical agency and resistance. Exact research questions to be defined later.

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