Mariyan Tomov

Mariyan Tomov

  • St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University, Sofia
  • Public Relations
Participant in 2012

Phd Projects


The Image of the Bulgarian Family in Social Media

My PhD thesis is dedicated to “The Image of the Bulgarian Family in Social Media”. The main objective is to study the image of the Bulgarian family and to obtain detailed results on the variability of the image, over both short and long timescales. It is also of research interest to conduct a profound study of changes in family life. As a result, globalisation, migration and mobility have brought several changes and challenges to families. Modern media help to cope with theses and ease to maintain family relations also under independent way of live and therefore create mediatised or virtual ways of family communication and living. These trends, features of a globalising world, are testing the foundations of the modern family. I am therefore conducting qualitative research on the social and scientific problems of the modern phenomenon of the “virtual family”. At the same time I am conducting a five-year-research project (2009 - 2014) looking at the psychological aspects of the provision of information on television news broadcasts. The research covers the primetime television broadcasts of Bulgarian National Television (channel BNT1), a public provider of media services, and the commercial Bulgarian television channel bTV. The core of the research is the study of the varying percentage shares of different types of news, focusing especially on family life, covered from a different perspective. I have also finished research which forms part of my PhD work. It is devoted to the regulation of social media and child protection. I have collected European and Bulgarian legislative frameworks relating to child protection and described improvements in media regulation. I. My observations encompass: 1. Social media 2. TV News 3. Archival data 4. Data from literature. II. The expected results are: 1. Change to the image of parents and children as a result of the Internet and new technologies. 2. Analysis of the degree of cyberbullying in Bulgaria. The consequences for the victims of cyberbullying and society as a whole. Comparison of data with other countries. 3. Finding effective tools for increasing awareness in Bulgarian families about the negative impacts of the Internet and new technologies. III. The methods involve thorough examination of: 1. The Internet environment of social media 2. A number of surveys (questionnaires). The target group is the Bulgarian family as a whole. 3. Monitoring of prime-time television news (for a period of 5 years).

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