Ergin Safak Dikmen

Ergin Safak Dikmen

  • Ankara University
  • Radio, Television and Cinema
Participant in 2012

Phd Projects


The multimedia adaptation strategies of Turkish television channels: Development of television content and audience reproduction

The development of new media has led to a revival in television broadcasting, turning traditional practices into contemporary interactive designs. User interface design in interactive media, such as computer games, web design, mobile applications and television podcasting, has become increasingly important in those instances where the same content can be distributed via different devices. With the technological convergence of television with computers, tablets and smartphones, the content produced by television channels can be accessed via different devices anywhere and anytime. Audiences can participate in production, producing, modifying and reproducing television content. In this new era, where technology and media are expanding exponentially, new media studies looking at this multimedia relationship and convergence require a faster follow-up worldwide and are still failing to attract academic interest in Turkey. In this context, the aim of this research is to analyse the production of content by Turkish television channels in the new media environment, along with the audience’s transformation and reproduction processes. The research will focus on questions such as: How have television channels in Turkey adapted to interactive media? How has television content been transformed into Internet-based interactive content? How is the content produced by the television channels developed, transformed or reproduced by the audience? How are the television channels managing this process? What are the key issues in the process of convergence between audio-visual content from broadcast television with text, pictures, video and sound from the new media interface?

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