Paula Paes

Paula Paes

Participant in 2010

Phd Projects


The Logic of Publicizing the Immigration Subject

France has passed through successive waves of immigration. Consequently, the immigration issue has always been treated by the media with an appeal to the country’s deep roots in immigration. Since the mid 1970s, the immigration situation has increased as a topic in political debates, law offices, and media outlets. Since 2007, when Nicolas Sarkozy created the first Federal Immigration Department for France, this theme has become even more relevant. However, the creation of the new department was not a surprise for the French community. In 2006, during his presidential election campaign, Nicolas Sarkozy presented the immigration issue as his main focus. At that time, he also suggested the creation of the department and the elaboration of an international treaty on immigration. However, as evidenced by the countless political debates broadcasted in the media, his ideas created polemical discussions. The relative importance of immigration in the public sphere is strongly connected with the public institutions and the media. This importance has grown not only because of media motivation but also because of the strategies of several agents such as public power and social groups. The rise of the immigration topic in the public sphere is the result of different aspects of the logic of the subject’s construction: the logic of the media sphere, the government and local power, and the logic of the non profit organization and social agents. Our objective is to analyze the relation among political communication, social movements, and journalistic practices. We assert that there is a widespread use of communication and information strategies by these actors. Our main research question is: what are the roles of different agents in highlighting the immigration issue in the public sphere? What is their logic?

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