Tatana Svrckova

Tatana Svrckova

  • Charles University of Prague
Participant in 2009

Phd Projects


The Image of a Journalist in the Press: Critical Discourse Analysis

In my dissertation, I will focus mainly on representing reality and categorization in the press. I would like to analyse stereotyping in the mediation process and stereotypical descriptions of journalists not only from their perspective but also from the public perspective. The purpose of my work is to discover all the possible social roles of journalists within contemporary Czech society. By analysing Czech news magazines, I will indicate methods of bias and stereotypical clichés in the language. The first part of the research will be focused on literature review. The other parts of the study will describe the research results. The analysis will be focused on the different forms of categorization and on the emotionally loaded vocabulary. I will consider mainly lexemes (expressive ones, euphemisms, augmentatives, metaphors etc.) due to their strong manipulative potential. The analysis will use a variety of methodologies: critical discourse analysis, content analysis, categorical analysis and linguistics. The research will be focused mainly on the categorization and stereotypical implications in editorials, feuilletons and media columns. By deconstructing and analysing editorials and media pages I aim to discover the nature of Czech journalists and the public’s perception and opinion about them and, metadiscoursively, the editors’ perspective. Part of the research will compare the situation of news magazines in the Czech Republic in the 1990s with contemporary examples. The sample of the magazines will cover a time period from 1990 to 2009. This time period was chosen to illustrate the Czech stereotypes of journalists of this era, the change of argumentation and description of desired (or missing) skills, abilities, attributes, rights and supposed duties. This register has changed as a result of the cultural, political and economic changes and development of the Czech Republic after the Velvet revolution in 1989.

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