Mariana Pérez-Cabello

Mariana Pérez-Cabello

Participant in 2009
Work history Universidad Iberoamericana
Study history Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Phd Projects


Winds of change, between Amores Perros and Arráncame la vida: the Mexican Cinematographic Industry (1999-2008).

The main objective of my PhD Project is the study of the Mexican film industry from 1999 to 2008; during this period new legal and structural conditions were generated, which might have determined new production schemes and ways of consumption, in contrast to those that were dominant during the previous three decades. During the same period, the presence of Mexican films at various festivals around the world has grown in quantity and quality. The number of film festivals has flourished as have the diversity of genres, e.g. documentaries and short films, and national themes represented in films: women, Jewish, Argentinean, indigenous, migration, sexual diversity, AIDS, etc. This diversity represents a new phenomenon in the Mexican film industry, of a new production model, the continuity of which would rely on proven ability. Through the research questions the aim is to identify, analyze and explain the diverse factors that have determined the production, distribution, exhibition and consumption of Mexican cinema between 1999 and 2008, within the framework of the cultural industries in Mexico.

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