Didem Özkul

Didem Özkul

  • University of Ankara
Participant in 2009

Phd Projects


The Dilemma Among the New Media Users, Designers and Producers in Turkey: A Critical Analysis

The study aims to identify the relationships among the new media users, producers and designers in the context of globalization and taking the new media technology implications, especially the Internet, in Turkey as a case study for the research. While examining the producer’s and the designer’s roles, technological determinism and social construction of technology theories are used to construct a theoretical and critical basis for new media technology and user-media interaction. The producers and the designers are presumed to be situated on the one side, and the users on the other. Instead of only regarding the producers (manufacturers, content or service providers), the designers are also regarded as a part of this interaction process in this study. When one considers design as the visualization of ideas, the designers’, the users’ and the producers’ ideas have to match for a successful interaction and for an easier path of adaptation to new media. The users of these new media technologies considered both as a part of the design-production process and as the ‘affected party’, are thought to be in the centre of this process and of this interaction. For this reason, user-centred design (UCD) is used as a guide to discover the process of interaction both before and after the exposure to a particular new media technology. Turkey will be the site of the research. Considering Turkey as a country experiencing the stages of modernization and development, the concept of the digital divide will be discussed in the context of the political-economy of new media. The study will analyse the relationships between Turkish internet sites and their users. The problem of ‘experience’ in UCD will be applied to new media/ new communication technologies discipline and will test whether Turkish internet designers, producers and the users use the medium as intended. The success of the interface design is a highly subjective notion and changes from one user to another and being an abstract notion is difficult to measure. This difficulty will be solved by reducing this measurement to concepts such as ‘ease of use’, ‘content’ and ‘visual attractiveness’. This study provides answers to the problems of adaptation to new media and extensive usage of new technologies through determining the basic motives in the new media market and any rapid technological developments from the politico-economy perspective. Analyzing the relationships amongst the users, designers and the producers from the economic perspective will help to form a theoretical framework for the study. For the user adaptation element of the research, the study will analyse cultural values and shared beliefs to understand the motives behind the interaction among these actors not only economically but also socially.

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