Cristina Muntean

Cristina Muntean

  • Charles University in Prague
  • Media Studies
Participant in 2008

Phd Projects


Management strategies and market economy challenges of Czech printed economic and business media, in a European context

The project investigates the economy of contemporary Czech printed economic and business media. It intends to identify patters of managerial strategies and answers given by local managers to the challenges by a market economy for print media. Moreover, it places the Czech patterns in a European context by applying similar research methods on print (economic and business) media in the United Kingdom, France and Romania. The project employs the most recent theories on media economics and combines research methods from several sciences such as philosophy, sociology and economy. The outcome of this project aims to provide a fresh look on the economy of contemporary Czech media. By identifying current management strategy patterns and offering a wider understanding of their suitability (or not) compared to the major trends in print media economics in Europe, the paper intends to partially compensate the lack of specialized literature in Czech media economics. The thesis aims to become a useful tool but also the start for more research in the economy of Czech print, broadcast and online media. It also wants to generate recommendations for professionals that are interested in comparisons and the different models on how to successfully manage print media today.

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