Floris Mueller

Floris Mueller

  • Univeristy of Amsterdam
  • ASCoR
Participant in 2007

Phd Projects


Communicating Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity to Soccer, Urban and Soap Audiences

There has been very little research on the ways in which audiences make sense of communication campaigns for cultural diversity and anti-racism. This project will attempt to cater to this hiatus by focusing on these kinds of campaigns within various domains. The project consists of three parts in which different campaigns are taken as the focus of study: soccer, urban identities and mass media entertainment. The third part of the project (the focus of my presentation at the Summer School) consists of the use of popular mass mediated entertainment for the stimulation of cultural tolerance. Drawing on a case study of the Dutch soap Westside, which was produced with the explicit objective to foster cultural tolerance, I will look at the ways in which mass mediated entertainment can play a role in contributing to the negotiation of cultural difference. Using both qualitative and quantitative data, I will answer both questions of meaning as well as actual ‘effects’ of this particular soap (with the help of an experiment).

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