Laura Aymerich Franch

Laura Aymerich Franch

  • Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
  • Departament de Periodisme
Participant in 2007

Phd Projects


User’s motivations in the use of interactive advertisement applications for television

Although the consumer’s motivation to interact with commercials is a key variable in comprehending the effects of this kind of marketing communication (Stewart, 2004), little research has directly investigated interactive advertising processing and how its comprehension might be different from traditional mass media (Macias, 2003). The purpose of my investigation is to look at how and why people use interactive advertising applications to provide a basis for a useful and politically correct development of interactive TV advertising. The project is divided in two main parts: the Interactive Advertising Applications description project, and the user’s motivations in using these applications. The first part contains a typology of the main interactive advertising applications developed in the current TV market. This classification is mainly developed based on the situation on the English market, one of the leaders of the sector. The main objective for this part is to get a solid description and a classification of the main interactive advertising TV formats. The provided classification assists in developing the second part of the project. Although the main objective is to describe these interactive advertising applications, the project also deals with a wide range of topics. First of all it discusses interactivity, trying to clarify this concept that has become a buzzword in the television field. It then defines interactive television and produces a description of the main interactive applications in the TV market. After this, the project focuses on the advertisements in television and internet, explaining the main formats in each platform, and provides a short historical perspective on interactive television and interactive advertising. Then its main object is analysed: interactive advertising applications. A classification and a description of the different applications (DAL, mini-DAL, micro-site, and impulse response) are provided, and many examples of real cases are studied. Finally, I report on the current situation of interactive advertising applications development. The second part of the project analyses the relation between user motivations and the use of iTV advertising applications. It re-analyses the different iTV advertising formats described in the first part of the project in order to clarify which are the most suitable ones and why the users show greater interest in them.

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