Paula Segovia

Paula Segovia

  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Participant in 2006

Phd Projects


Electronic democracy: new mechanisms of citizen participation

Nowadays the Polis, conceived by Aristotle and seen as a place of direct citizen participation, can transfer, thanks to the technology, certain functions from the real city to cyberspace. This would enable a new civilization, based on the real time, where no time lag exists between the conception of an idea and its accomplishment. The agora, the public seat, the town council or the ballot box, to mention some, gain another presence trough new technological channels that they enrich these practices or transform them. The Web and television become new mechanisms of participation. The Web has its strong interactive potential and everyday power, but also television breaks with its traditional passivity, and becomes more of an interactive technology through the switch to digital television. The objective of this research project is to define the degrees of citizen participation, as ways to select, transform and construct new citizen proposals through the return channels of these new forms of political electronic communication. The aim also is to elaborate a methodology for the evaluation of citizen participation, measuring the degrees of excellence of televised electronic democracy. The empirical focus will be on the Catalonian ‘Canal Parlament’, which was the first parliamentary television channel within the Spanish state, and the first in Europe created by a non-state parliament. It is conceived as a free service to interactive publics and complements the institutional Website that transmits in real time, which also has links to independent websites that enable direct contract between political elites and citizens

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