Henry Mainsah

Henry Mainsah

  • University of Oslo
Participant in 2006

Phd Projects


Multi-Ethnic Youth Online. Exploring the Potential of ICTs for Empowerment

This study focuses on how ethnic minority youth in Oslo incorporate the Internet in their everyday lives in ways that are meaningful to them, and the extent to which the incorporation of the Internet results in forms of empowerment. New media technologies are rapidly becoming part of the everyday lives of most youth living in western societies today. Will the diffusion of new technologies lead to new forms of social inclusion and social engagement? How have social networks, social support, trust, belonging, and community feeling been affected as young people use the Internet? Will these new technologies encourage new forms of cultural self-expression and creativity? In the literature there is disagreement between those who see the technology as a new basis for democratic communication, social inclusion, social capital and community and others who see it as a threat, leading to new forms of exclusion and social isolation. To explore the empowerment potential of the Internet, this study considers three kinds of changes in the lives of young ethnic minority Internet users; community involvement, knowledge acquisition and literacy, and self-expression. A combination of quantitative and qualitative methods will be employed to gather the data for this study.

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