Lectures at SuSo15


Thomas Friemel Methodological Innovations for the Analysis of Networked Communication
Winfried Pauleit Sonic icons and Histo-Sphere: On the political aesthetics of an audio history of film (with Rasmus Greiner)
Nick Couldry Life with the Media Manifold: Between Freedom and Subjection
Maria Gutiérrez A Research on the Young Radio Audience
Ilija T. Tomanic Visual framing of news
Maria Heller Methods – discourse analysis – making meaning of a text
Ole J. Mjös How to study the relationship between media and the globalization?
Burcu Sümer Literature review - how to connect your research material to theories
Tobias Olsson
Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt Teaching interactively in large classrooms
Risto Kunelius Theories of power and studying the media
Antony McNicholas Media History: Interrogating sources
Fredrik Stiernstedt Methods - ethnography
Bertrand Cabedoche How to scientifically communicate in an international conference ? Keys to be accepted, understood and published
Francois Heinderyckx Oral presentation skills
Irena Reifova Mediated memory in old and new media age
Simone Tosoni Space, Urban Space & Their Challenge to Media Scholars
Hannu Nieminen How and why to study media policy and regulation: conceptual and methodological issues
Richard Killburn The Art of Interviewing
Nico Carpentier Writing an Abstract
Nico Carpentier From meta-theory to analysis. A case for discourse theoretical analysis
Kim Schrøder Mixed methods - the 'new normal' in media (audience) research?