Anthony McNicholas

Title of the presentation:

Media history: interrogating sources

Short abstract of the presentation:

The introduction will outline the problems, pleasures and uses of historical research. This will take into account the writing of recent history, where for example interviews are possible, and more distant history, where they are not. We will then look at the practice of reading source material, both primary and secondary, documents and academic literature in order to test its validity. A variety of documentary evidence will be examined to give students an appreciation of the necessity of assessing initially the veracity of primary source material and then assessing the use historians have made of it.

Short biography:

Areas of expertise: Media History, broadcasting history (esp BBC), journalism history, media and politics Anthony McNicholas is a Principal Lecturer and Director of the CAMRI PhD programme. His research interests are: broadcasting history, especially public service broadcasting; the media and politics; newspaper history, especially C19 Irish journalism and nationalism; the Irish diaspora. Currently Director of Studies for four PhD students studying the media and politics in S America, the Middle East and the UK. He worked on an AHRC/BBC funded project led by Professor Jean Seaton, to produce Volume VI of the official history of the BBC 1975-87, to be published by Profile Books. His own Politics, Religion and the Press: Irish Journalism in Mid-Victorian England, was published by Peter Lang in April 2007